Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Interview mit Katja von Chatoui

Heute gibt es das versprochene Interview mit Katja von Chatoui. Den Shop habe ich euch ja schon vorgestellt.

Hi Katja, please tell us something about yourself?
I am Katja Staring, I was born in the seventies in the south of The Netherlands (I do not mention my detailed age anymore ;-) and I now live in Amsterdam Area in The Netherlands. I did work as a journalist for many years, but in 2007 I decided to switch my career, to explore my other creative talents.

Tell use something about your shop chatoui. The name? The history oft he shop?
Chatoui is the jolly French translation of the Dutch words kat & ja (my first name is Katja).
During the year 2008 the idea for a brand of items made of used materials arose, by the end of 2009 I decided to go for it, and in 2010 I launched the website www.chatoui.nl with fashion accessories made in The Netherlands by social work projects.
This year also home accessoiries like cushions will be added to the brand Chatoui. The Photos are from the collection Chatoui Maison.
In my webshop I also sell articles from soulmate brands.
What kind of social work projekts?
It is projects where (the American say it this way) mentally and physical challenged people work. Or youth with a 'difficult start'. As to say working places where people work that do not (directly) fit into the regular enterprises. Here in The Netherlands we have quite some of those places.

And how does the collaburation work exactly?
I develop the design and than they produce it with the fabrics I have found. I work with some organisations that collect clothes/textile for development projects in for example Africa or organisations that collect textile for re-use.

You sell Fashionable items made of used materials. Do you also create some by your self?
The designs are mine, sometimes I have help of professional designers to improve my ideas. Like this  hanging storage bag designed by a female architect! 
The jewelry is mainly made by me.

What means DIY for you?
I have been DIY-ing all my live and come from a 'handy' family. It is satisfying to (re)make things with your own hands and enjoy the result.

Where do you get your inspiration?
From people in the streets, magazines, television, theatre, nature, colours, forms, materials... and mostly: my findings on second hand markets and shops. The most interesting inspiration I get from donations and gifts, or this question of a person: "Hey Katja, I do have this, could you use it for something?" I am inspired by leftovers and 'almost-throwaways'.

How do you live, are upcycled products part of your interior?
In my house I have quite some upcycled products as re-invented furniture, but mainly my work space is focussed on re-use and recycling.  I do not always like new stuff, I mostly fall in love with matured things, stuff with an interesting past. Besides that I wear second hand clothes and accessories every day.

What is you personal beloved Thing?
oooo, I have sooo many favourites! Hereby some pictures of new stuff I adore just today (and which will be placed on my website this week), but tomorrow my favourite items might be something totally different!

And the greatest thing right now is that we have a special opportunity in the month of May: people can send in an old skirt (or blouse) and we make a bag out of it for them.

And your private favorit?
My private favourite thing? Well, that is my and my husbands wedding ring, made by me out of golden jewelry of my mother who passed away a few years ago. Recycled gold!

Thank you very much Katja!

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