Freitag, 4. November 2011

Fashion by Mein Hansi

Mein Hansi zeigt ihre Kollektion am 12. November beim Klamottenkunst-Event im Wiener Schikaneder. Außerdem bespielt "Mein Hansi" im Moment das YPPIG.

Luise Barsch schreibt auf ihrer Homepage über ihre Mode:
"what i do is recycling pre- and post-consumer waste... that is end of roll-fabric, production cut-offs and 2.hand clothing and fabric. Mein Hansi clothes are crazy pieces with a unique character. everything you get is a single one-off-piece! you can find t-shirts, skirts, dresses, pullovers, jackets, shorts... accessories, bags and more funny things.
it's cool fashion for you and me.
made in germany.
it's handmade, ecological and stylish streetwear."

"Mein Hansi" a young upcycling Label from Germany shows teir Collection an the 12th November at Kunstklamotten at Schikaneder Vienna. You can read about Luise Barsch designphilosphy on top.

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