Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

Bags by Pixelpop (englisch Version)

My Name is Simon and i´m a member of the exhebition and fashionshow "klamottenkunst im schi(c)kaneder" on november 12th. I named my label "pixelpop". That´s cause i love working with graphics (pixel and vector) and i love the individuality of popculture. Most of the time i work as a hairdresser in 8th district of vienna in a shop called "haarschneiderei frohlocke". But haircutting is not my only passion, i´m also into making graphics (as u can see on the flyer for the schikaneder-show) and a big part of my life i spend sewing and designing bags.


The Bags and also the Backpacks i design are mainly made of canvas, textiles, old bicycletubes and seat belts from cars. Every Exemplar is totally individual not because of the fact that i´m arrogant but it rather is that i hate to reproduce my own Work. It´s far too boring for me and so i´m always seeking the next sewing-challenge (especially) conserning bags and similar Things. The most important thing to me is the design, not so much the functionality, i mean it is also important but both things can only excist together and not without one another.So my Bags are definately very practical but my attention is primarily focused on design. I think they are very similar to the Bags that "Freitag" produces but i really don´t like it when the stitching from the backside is visible on the frontside of the bag, so i do my own thing and i hide these stitchings with my kind of design. Also the kind of closure i use is not similar to the Freitag bags, i don´t like these hook and loop fasteners, except for the innerarea of my bags cause they do not need much space and are easy to open.
I mostly use metal closures or closures that are similar to the onces on the old schoolbags i used to have myself when i was in primary school. 

I think along with my way of sewing and designing bags, my own personal style arises more and more and i really like that, cause i´m a little bit proud of being a member of exhebitions like the one i´m looking foreward and also of being part of the more growing creative People here in Vienna. Especially because i´ve learned it all by myself just by learnig by doing.
There is a great electronic musician that i used to listen to years ago called "meat beat manifesto" and he did one song  titled "no purpose = no design". And i think that this is it :-)
Hope to see you all at the Schi(c)kaneder!
Thank you very much.
Bye Simon

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